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Data theft on mobile devices

Many companies have professional mobile devices that are given to their employees who can access their emails and their files while on the move and at all times. There is only one downside, these devices very often used privately and it is precisely during these uses that risks appear about confidential or private data.

Viruses on Android are now common and sometimes even develop on the Google Play Store platform, allowing the download of validated applications. So how to manage a fleet of mobile devices, used for both professional and private use? SMEs are often the most affected by attacks and data theft, because the existing backup and security solutions represent a very substantial amount of their budget.

The importance of a management strategy of mobile devices within companies

It is now a question of putting in place a real strategy as for the management of these mobile devices. One of the main objectives is to make regular backups of data to ensure that no data will be lost. However, it will be necessary to define which data are to be saved and distinguished between professional and private data.

With the arrival of the RGPD, it is strongly recommended that companies do not keep too much of their employees’ private data on their servers, at the risk of having to provide a large number of proofs and processes.

Other problems appear at the level of access to companies’ servers, remotely, via VPNs. Indeed, it is once again a channel at risk in view of the professional use that it is made but also in view of the private use of mobile devices in question.

Creative IT can help your company decide which security system to choose for mobile devices

The solution to these risks is to implement an optimal security system on these different mobile devices. Take the example of Knox, on Android, which is a real data protection service, to secure an entire business environment and define what use can make the owner of the device.

For all SMEs, there is highly competent and protected management software, at lower cost, thus ensuring the perfect management of business data, running as few risks as possible.

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