Expert & Certified Data Destruction For London Businesses
Expert data destruction for confidential, financial or private data stored on IT equipment: fully certified, compliant and fast to prevent unauthorised access and fraud.

What is Data Destruction?

When it comes to data security, there are many important processes involved such as eliminating customers’ records or deleting data that is longer needed.

The three main ways to ensure that the data is no longer accessible on the storage media are:


It is the process of overwriting old information with new data that makes it difficult to locate or recover.


It is the process of eliminating magnetic field and destroying the storage device at the same time that makes it impossible to recover any information.

Physical Destruction

The physical destruction which includes disk shredding, disk crushing or disk melting.

These solutions all have their advantages and disadvantages and choosing one over the other depends on the level of destruction required; and whether the data destruction has to be certified for compliance purposes.

There are a number of situations where data needs to be properly destroyed when:

  • Changing service providers
  • Migrating from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud
  • Stopping a service or a product.
  • Upgrading, decommissioning or scrapping IT equipment.

What are the risks of Undestroyed Data?

Cybercrime now costs $600 billion a year worldwide, a figure rising due to the growth of hacking skills. These activities are more efficient, less risky, more profitable and easier than ever.
A big part of information security is therefore, to be able to dispose of confidential or private information or intellectual property in the correct manner. Businesses cannot afford to overlook such data when it is no longer needed. Failure to do so can lead to the information falling into the wrong hands and being used for fraudulent or criminal purposes. In addition to this, the rights of customers’ needs to be respected and may mean deleting their information from your system.

Better data management can give companies a competitive advantage. So, when storing past financial statements, personal records of past employees, lease records, contract copies, clients’ database and much more, secured destruction is the key!

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Why does your company need Certified Data Destruction?

Data protection and robust privacy policies are important for organisations who need to be compliant with the latest data protection legislation.

Under new data protection laws, businesses are no longer allowed to store old data that is no longer needed and are responsible for destroying sensitive data. Thus, having a consistent data destruction policy followed by everyone within your company at all times is vital.

The first important part of a data destruction policy is the classification of the information – whether it is confidential trade information or customers’ private information or other documents that have no value – and which type of data can be removed. You can also decide which level of destruction is appropriate for your company’s situation and whether it requires a certification in order to be compliant.

How to carry out Data Destruction to achieve 100% Reliability?

Creative IT, the experts of sensitive data destruction in London offers businesses to securely erase data across their every IT asset including USB drives, virtual cloud environments and selected files and folders in live environments. The tools we use are certified worldwide and come with a 100% tamper-proof audit trail and erasure reports.

The benefits of coming to Creative IT for your data destruction needs include full compliance with data erasure requirements, risk reduction and increase security for your organisation.

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