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Book a collection of your hard drive today to get a certified data destruction of your sensitive data. London based fast and secured hard drive disposal services for all businesses.

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Book a data destruction collection to get your data destroyed

Getting a reliable media destruction is easy. Simply fill in our ‘Book a data destruction collection’ form or call us on 020 7064 4996 to arrange an on-site visit.

To get access to our Data Destruction services, please fill in the contact for on this page. Data destruction can be carried out on-site or from our data destruction centre in central London.

We offer same day data destruction services. We are an ISO 27001 certified company and will ensure your data is secured until the moment it’s destroyed. We only use government approved data erase software and will deliver a certificate for every hard drive which is erased.

Here are some benefits of getting your data destroyed by our team:

  • Compliance: we only use software that have been approved by the Government so you can be sure that your data destruction is compliant with current legislations.
  • Convenience: our data destruction centre is located in Central London and allows our customers, companies and institutions based in the City to get their data destroyed without delay or heavy and complicated logistics
  • Security: we are ISO 27001 certified and ensure that your data is managed and protected until the moment it is completely destroyed.
  • Cost effectiveness and flexibility: our prices are in line with most other data destruction companies. We work on a case basis, don’t require a minimum number of hard drives and won’t tie your company with a long-term commercial contract.

Speak to a data destruction expert today on 020 7064 4996

When dealing with Creative IT for your data destruction needs, you can be sure that you drastically minimise the risks of data breach. We provide a complete data disposal service from hard drive shredding, data destruction to hard drive disposal solutions. We work with private users, companies and organisations in and around London looking for a permanent solution to their data management issues. We guarantee that we always follow the highest industry practices for all the work we carry out on behalf of our clients.

Trust Creative IT, the experts in data destruction, for your sensitive data management needs.